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Chris Armytage

Photographic Artist


I am a self-taught Photographic Artist. My work focuses on the natural environment around my home in the beautiful Spa District of Central Victoria, Australia. I have exhibited both at home and abroad, including New York, Paris and Miami, and have recently published my second book of photographic art.

I don't know what I would do if I couldn't create, it's as natural to me as breathing, especially now that we have the tools to achieve great art with digital photography. It''s so exciting and I feel that my creativity has finally come to fruition with these fantastic digital tools.


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Quotes from some of my peers:

"With the fine touch of an artist and the visual acuity of a professional, she creates art from the natural surroundings and it speaks in tones of pure brilliance to all those who partake - RJ Heller, Writer & Photographer, U.S.A.

"Chris Armytage brings us images that glow with incomparable energy and compel us to look at the world through new eyes. Beauty, luminosity, tenderness, power; all present in Chris' work. It's a delight to see." - Robin King, Artist, U.S.A.

"Chris's work is imbued with a subtle feeling of emotion ... they are not mere photographic recordings of an event, but an encapsulated and precious moment in time...." - P.Fowler, Director, sculptor, photographer (U.K.)



Juried invitational Artist's Solo Exhibition, online digital exhibition, March 2011.

SoJie 10 - Solo's 10th Juried Invitational Exhibition of Visual Arts, April 2011.

SoJie 12 - Solo's 12th Juried Invitational Exhibition of Visual Arts, August 2012

"Story of the Creative"
Angel Orensanz Foundation for the Arts and See.Me Gallery Exhibition Space, Long Island City, New York
July 29 to September 10, 2013.

"Creatives Rising"
The Projections Garden (Artwork projected on the 42 storey Linc LIC building, and digitally displayed at the See.Me Exhibition Space, Long Island City, New York
October 5, 2013




Snow Gulls


Old Growth


Lavender dreaming ...




Sunday by the Lake II


Lake Moods I




Autumn Grace II


Cherished moments ...




Dutch Tulips


Summer Grasses IV




Flight from Pompeii


Ballarat Views - City Oval Grandstand


Fire in the hills


Bird on the wire ...


Almost Autumn


Bathers at Malmsbury Lake


The Provincial Hotel


Je ne regrette rien ...


Memories of a lady ...


Saturday night at the Regent


Ballarat Views - Railway Station